Lightning at the Opera



We are

a few guys who love making music.

We're from El Paso, TX, about as far away as you can get from the glitz and glamour of major music cities. And yet, we're pretty sure many of you have heard of this unlikely musical hot spot. We've grown as a band because we have a small town mentality and want to connect with people who like our music at a grass roots level.

The old way of getting your music heard is just not the way to cut it and we are always trying to come up with creative and interactive ways to reach our fans, the internet helps us do exactly this. But it's much more than that. Going through internet sites such as Facebook, Sound Cloud, BandCamp and Twitter allows us to develop a fan base with people who connect with our sound and are inspired to share because they care and dig our music. That's what counts, making meaningful connections with people who get us. I guess that means we get them too, which is pretty cool. Thanks for stopping by!

Bobby Lucero

Guitar / Bass

Lightning at the Opera's music is an extension of who we are. It's refreshing, honest and real. I'm proud to be apart of this project and stoked to share it with all of you.

Edward Guillén

Singer / Guitar

Our music expresses things creatively that most of us are unable to express verbally. It's my outlet. But where's the beauty in writing a play if no one sees it? So here we are, and we hope you like what you hear.

Chris Espinoza

Drums / Percussion

Lightning at the opera is like an art installation. On one end, understanding it can become a challenge until you get up close and get to know the artist. On the other end, it is simply just art and its mere presence can inspire and generate thoughts of happiness. Lightning at the opera is music for the masses and as long-time musicians we have found who we are musically. We hope you enjoy our music as much as we enjoy playing it... Strike!

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The past two years have been full of writing, working, recycling, and (finally) recording songs, all leading up to this debut release. We are very excited to show you what more can come from this little town - El Paso, Texas.

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Thank you friends, fans, peeps!

You guys fucking rock my socks off! I'm your number one fan!

Gloria Viramontes via Facebook -

AWWWWWW YEAH! This is such a great band, BUY THE EP!...\m/..

Albert Perez via Facebook -

Great band. Great friends. Great music. Enough said!

Woodie via Facebook -


Alice Flores via Facebook -

Great music! great music! great music!

Bee via Facebook -

Passionate. Sexy. Real.

Beth Morales via Facebook -


Octavio Cobos via Facebook -

Always here to support your music! It's great!

Elizabeth Gutierrez via Facebook -

Fucking rock 'n roll mother fuckers!

Gabriel Rojas via Facebook -

Always here to support my Butcho!! Music is great too!

Connie via Facebook -

Was actually surprised at how great you guys sounded, I had never heard you all play before. I'm super stoked to hear more!

Jacob Gutierrez via Facebook -

Two words to describe this band. THUNDER CLAP!

Junior Lopez via Facebook -

Great music! Go Phantom of the Opera! Opps! Lightning at the Opera!

Max Olivas via Facebook -

Great and emotional lyrics! Sweet stuff Ed! Sweet indeed!

Rebecca Rodriguez via Facebook -

LATO, like foreplay, a sunset with the right person by ur side.

Saul Torres via Facebook -

You guys have something going for you.

Chris Schoemann via Facebook -

A pleasure working with you! Dear Yesterday's a great song!

Mitre via Facebook -

You guys present a fresh sound with the capacity to capture any audience in any place.

Gil Lara via Facebook -

Every song gets better and better! Amazing stuff!

Lety Sanchez via Facebook -

Drums are colossal! Licks are sweet! Vocals are deep!

Melanie Esparza via Facebook -

Wonderful music! Wonderful people!

Elia Rojas via Facebook -

Always here to support you! It's a plus that the music is good too!

Michelle Guillen via Facebook -

Reminds of some good ol'fashion rock! keep it up boys!

Frank Orquiz via Facebook -
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  • Max Olivas
  • Rebecca Rodriguez
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